Boulevard No.2 – INSTITUTION


Just like the art world’s interest in graffiti, street art and urban is growing throughout the last years, so is the scientific research in these fields. While you can find standard reference works in libraries, there is a lack of in-depth texts and primary sources like exhibition catalogues, magazines from the scene or titles of Grey Literature which are often produced as a rare limited editions. In addition to that, there are also essays that might ain’t got the deserved attention, are only written in e.g. Swedish or French or its relevance changed through the years.

With the 2019 release of the first Boulevard– On Trespassing and Culture (No.1 – CLASSICS) its editorial team started successfully working on this problem. The magazine, which comes in a classic newspaper format separated into three parts is focusing on these kind of sometimes hidden articles, analyzes and scientific texts in the REPRINT chapter. In the CASES section you can find selected photo series from artists, whereas the TALK part is a forum for interviews and presentations of interesting recent books, projects and exhibitions.

The latest issue of Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture (No.2 – INSTITUTION) includes a discussion with Katia Hermann and Pietro Rivasi on challenges and opportunities when it comes to exhibiting graffiti and further interviews with Jasper van Es and Good Guy Boris (on their #VIRALVANDALS exhibition), Ben Brohanszky and the Berlin based Graffitimuseum. The REPRINT part features texts by Lene ter Haar, Harald Hinz, Orestis Pangalos, Patrick Hagopian as well as Bernd Dollinger and Bettina Hünersdorf. CASES this time shows works from RAGE, Bill Daniel, Dunja Janković and Emanuel Roth.

All Boulevard issues come in a cardboard box to protect the content from getting lost or damaged in your bookshelf.


  • Robert Kaltenhäuser – Editiorial
  • Ben Brohanszky – Subcultural Strategies
  • Katia Hermann and Pietro Rivasi – Exhibiting photos of writing
  • Jasper van Es and Good Guy Boris – #ViralVandals
  • Jo Preussler, Aljoscha Begrich and Stefan Reuter – Can you show me the way to the Graffitimuseum?


  • Lene ter Haar – Claiming Visibility – Between Vandalism and Appreciation (2010)
  • Orestis Pangalos – Crisis – What Crisis / No Respect (2014)
  • Harald Hinz – About Institutionalizing Urban Art (2018)
  • Bernd Dollinger and Bettina Hünersdorf – Graffiti as Version and Subversion (2010)
  • Patrick Hagopian – Reading the Indecipherable (1987)


  • Bill Daniel Wierd – Hobo Trip – Beyond the Streets
  • RAGE – Selected Works on Public Transit Cars and Gallery Walls
  • Dunja Jankovic – Collaboration without Consent
  • Emanuel Roth – Parkiert

120 pages, 31,5 x 47 cm/ 23,5 x 31,5 cm, newspaper in cardboard box
Language: English
Release date: June 2021
Publisher: Boulevard

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