KUNSTFORUM International. Post-Vandalismus


<h1>KUNSTFORUM International. Post-Vandalismus – Eine Ästhetik der Straße
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(Post-vandalism – an aesthetic of the street)

In 2019 the established German art magazine “KUNSTFORUM International – Post-Vandalismus – Eine Ästhetik der Straße” (Post-vandalism – an aesthetic of the street) dedicated an issue’s main topic to graffiti. Art historian Larissa Kikol did put together a selected lineup to present writing in an art context. For the brand new March issue of KUNSTFORUM this time a closely related phenomenon is in focus: post-vandalism.

The term post-vandalism is vaguely defined through various aspects of the magazine’s chapters. According to Peter Michalski and his essay on the topic, a past in traditional writing unites the actors of the movement. Post-vandalism might be the next step when writers become artists and the intended audience changes, for example in a white cube environment, or their works include a message, far beyond the common namewriting.

Larissa Kikol goes several ways to approach the issue’s subject: talks with Stephen Burke and Berlin’s BUS126, an interview with Ruttkowski;68 gallery owner Nils Müller, a number of in-depth essays for example by Tobias Morawski, or series of works from Mark Jenkins, Klara Lidén, Julian Röder, Felix Kiessling, Felix Schramm, Baptiste Debombourg and Banks Violette.

Just like in the previous graffiti related KUNSTFORUM International issue, more than a third of the magazine’s full content is solely dedicated to the main topic. Please note that the text is German only. Due to the fact that the magazine usually is only available for subscribers and in a few selected art book shops e.g. in museums, we are happy that we were able to get our hands on some copies for you.

320 pages, 16,8 x 24,4 cm, Paperback
Language: German
Release date: February 2023
Publisher: Larissa Kikol / KUNSTFORUM International

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