For more than 20 years Hamburgs cityscape has been overdrawn by artworks which are attributed to OZ. Since the early 1990s OZ’ œuvre included tags, smileys, pieces, abstract forms, political slogans and curls mainly executed illegally with spraypaint.

Due to the similarities of his artworks concerning style and quantity OZ soon gained maximum respect not only in the Hamburg graffiti scene and redefined the concept of being an “all-city” writer. The total amount of his works is estimated far beyond hundreds of thousands.

Four years after the man behind the pseudonym OZ died on the 25. September 2014 photographer Emmett Edelstein has been curious what is left of OZ’ life time mission and visited Hamburg in spring 2018. Result is the 320 paged photo book HAMBURG, showing the massive mark OZ has left in his city.

The atmospheric shots pay tribute to OZ, show a status quo and are a memento to his countless works, his unique style and his well considered selection of spots. While pieces fade away, tags are crossed and smileys getting buffed the book is a reminder preserving a small amount of the artists seemingly endless marks and messages.

320 pages, 21,0 x 29,7 cm, blind embossing cover and open spine binding
Language: German / English
Release date: October 2018
Publisher: Hitzerot – Prints and Publications

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