RAGE is one of Hamburg’s most important and active trainwriters. As member of the legendary DSF crew, he developed an own catchy style right from the beginning in 1998 when he switched to the name. THE ART OF RAGE was first published in 2017 as a massive 288-paged hardcover and looked back on the last 20 years of his writing career.

In a chronological order the book includes a well chosen selection of pieces, actions and accompanying stories, subdived into four main chapters: The Beginning, Subsurface, A New Approach and Stencil Character. You get insight into his intentions, motivations to challenge the transit authorities and the development into the maturation as an artist. With his iconic works since 2011, which included new tools and influences like typography and graphic design, he managed to evolve an even more individual and unique style of writing his name.

THE ART OF RAGE includes a prologue by MOSES and texts from companions like KINS, ANGER, REGIE and OTIS. While the first and second edition of the book were sold out within a few days, finally a third edition with similar content was published in 2022. Although it only contains works up to 2017, the brilliant layout and entire presentation of RAGE’s trains makes this one a timeless classic and in our opinion one of the best, if not the best, graffiti publication with a monographic approach.

288 pages, 24 x 30 cm, hardcover, black color edge, 3rd edition (2022)
Language: German & English
Release date: November 2017 (1st edition)
Publisher: The Grifters Publishing