Zugriff #1


„Zugriff is not a Graffiti Magazine…“

Schriften zum visuellen Ungehorsam / Writings on visual disobedience

  • Robert Kaltenhäuser – Wandmalgruppe Düsseldorf: counter statement as artistic sense
  • Moritz Klein – Graffiti is murder
  • Peter Michalski – Everything flows!
  • Harald Hinz – CHEECH H (2568) on ET 420 (1984)
  • Florian Markl – Concept – or what?
  • Patricia Armocida – Os Gemeos and Alex Fakso: „Amor e tudo“
  • Bianca Ludewig – AKV BERLIN „The books we are publishing are supposed to be works of art!“
  • Willi Klotzek – „You can say much more about graffiti, much more precise if you do not talk about graffiti.“
  • Lene ter Haar – About the exhibition „Witnesses – 15 seconds of being a vandal.“ David Radon / Sabrina Karakatsanis: Contemporary photography, vandal engineering & graffiti
  • Robert Kaltenhäuser – „This is Art!“

62 pages, 10,5 cm x 21 cm, 1000 hand numbered copies
Authors: Robert Kaltenhäuser, Moritz Klein, Peter Michalski, Harald Hinz, Florian Markl, Patricia Armocida, Bianca Ludewig, Lene ter Haar
Language: mostly German
Release date: November 2013
Publisher: Zugriff

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