Graffiti writing between art/theory and practice

In April 2022, the conference “A Question of Style” took place at MLAC in Rome, whose contributors did present the current research and tried to answer the question of style between the two fields of art history and graffiti writing. All contributions have now been published in the book “A QUESTION OF STYLE: Graffiti writing between art/theory and practice” by Egidio Emiliano Bianco and Ilaria Hoppe.

With text contributions by:

  • Ilaria Schiaffini (Foreword)
  • Ilaria Hoppe (Introduction)
  • Christian Omodeo (On Another Level: “The Fabulous Five: Calligraffiti of Frederick Brathwaite, Lee George Quinones” Exhibiton at the Galleria La Medusa in Rome)
  • Tobias Barenthin Lindblad / Jacob Kimvall (Writing from within: Art History in the Field of Style Writing)
  • Alessia Cadetti (Issues of Style: Reflections on Graffiti Writing and Conservation)
  • Egidio Emiliano Bianco (Artification and Canonisation of Graffiti: SUBWAY ART as Visual Narrative)
  • Pietro Rivasi (The Act of Graffiti)
  • Luca Borriello (Wildstyle Graffiti Writing between Public Privacy and Artificial Intelligence)
  • Egidio Emiliano Bianco (A Question of Images))

140 pages, 12 cm x 24 cm, softcover
Language: English
Editiors: Egidio Emiliano Bianco and Ilaria Hoppe
Release date: March 2023
Publisher: EDIFIR

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