Nuart Journal – Number 6


Within the last years the Nuart Journal established itself as the leading publication for critical commentary on urban art, street art and graffiti. It includes traditional peer-reviewed academic papers as well as more experimental modes of research. It is a site for scholars, artists, curators and independent researchers to publish articles, conversations, reviews, projects and opinion pieces on street art and related topics. The release of the brand new sixth issue will be celebrated as part of the Nuart Festival 2022. We’re especially happy to offer you the new edition just in time!

Following last year’s LOCKDOWN issue, this edition explores the theme of RECONNECTION and the ways in which researchers, artists, curators, and communities are forging and renewing connections with cities, projects, and each other as the uncertainty and disconnection of the past two years recedes.

Nuart Journal’s acid yellow RECONNECT issue contains 12 original articles. In his discussion of his latest book, ‘Lost Picture’, Professor Jeff Ferrell, the godfather of graffiti scholarship, asks whether we should rethink what we see as ‘street art’ by considering what forms of ‘hidden’ art on the streets might exist. He notes that ‘art in the museum or the household is confined to those who have access to it. But street art is there for everyone to see.’ Ferrell shows us a series of photos that were entirely salvaged from alleys and streets. Similarly, Adrian Burnham exposes the accidental and often anxious aesthetics of discarded everyday objects, as captured in the evocative photography of Franck Allais, while artist Alexandros Simopoulos presents a process-based visual essay, ‘Sache Que Je T’Aime: A Tag Turned Mural’, that shows the artist’s translation of an impassioned yet almost invisible urban scrawl to a work of monumental proportions.

These are just a small example of some of the most insightful and scholarly articles, reviews and visuals this culture currently has to offer.

I. Original Articles

  • Megan Hicks: This New Chalk Era: Pavement Graffiti in Australia, 1930-1934
  • Elisa Bailey: The Space in Between and the Poetics of Process in the Art of Oleg Kuznetsov
  • Enrico Bonadio & Olivia Jean-Baptiste: Can Copyright Stop Politicians from Exploiting Street Art? Combo v Jean-Luc Mélenchon before the Court of Paris

II. Visual/Experimental

  • Adrian Burnham: Reframing Detritus: Franck Allais’ Photography of Everday Objects Discarded on the Streets
  • Alexandro Simopoulos: Sache Que Je T’Aime: A Tag Turned Mural
  • Agnes Michalczyk: Crossing the Walls in Cairo: The Augmented Murals of Al Khalifa

III. Interviews/Books/Reviews

  • Jeff Ferrell: Last Picture
  • Lachlan MacDowall: Off the Grid: Curating Flash Forward
  • Jan Vormann & Brad Downey: Between Particles and Waves: Street-Art Heavyweights Exhibiting in the Virtual World of Minecraft
  • Ian Strange & Trevor Powers: Dalison: A Visual-Sonic Collaboration
  • Aida Wilde & Dan Vo: Dreamboat II: Money Talks
  • Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Anna Carastathis, Julia Tulke, Oksana Zaporozhets, Susan Hansen, Paridhi Gupta, Piyarat Panlee, Sarah H. Awad & Konstantinos Avramidis: Graffiti & Street Art: Queer Feminist Approaches

136 pages, 21 x 28 cm, Softcover
Language: English
Release date: June 2022
Publisher: Nuart Journal

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