Nuart Journal – Number 5


“Nuart Journal is a forum for critical commentary on urban art, defined as broadly as possible to include all aspects of both independently sanctioned and unsanctioned art in public space that does not fall under the general rubric of traditional public art practice. Nuart Journal includes traditional peer-reviewed academic papers as well as more experimental modes of research. It is a site for scholars, artists, curators and independent researchers to publish articles, conversations, reviews, projects and opinion pieces on street art and related topics.”

As the title of LOCKDOWN indicates the fifth issue of Nuart Journal, which was published in May 2021, was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. As in all other aspect of life the virus had also influence on the art which is produced in the streets and as a result it is a topic in Nuart Journal. But as always the No.5 is a forum to many aspects of urban art so you can also find articles on Banksy’s ‘flower thrower’ trademark lawsuit, DIY banners in Berlin and the ‘chapeteo’ scene of Ecuador, which remind of the ‘discovery’ of Brazilian Pixação writings in the 2000s.

The 144 paged journal is divided into three main chapters: Original Articles, Visual/Experimental and Interviews/Books/Reviews. Due to the wide range of featured topics and a global focus the scientific reader once again deserves a place on in your bookshelf.

I. Original Articles

  • Heather Shirley & David Todd Lawrence – Creating a Global Archive of Covid-19 Street Art: Notes on Research in Progress
  • Ulrich Blanché – (Involuntarily) Shared Walls: Haring’s Illegal Street Interactions with Basquiat, Hambleton, Wojnarowicz, and – Vallauri in Early ’80s NYC
  • Enrico Bonadio & Olivia Jean-Baptiste – Banksy’s Battle with Trade Mark Law: the ‘Flower Thrower’ Case
  • Maria Fernanda López Jaramillo – ‘Chapeteo’: Urban Calligraphy in Guayaquil Some Would Rather Forget
  • Laura Burocco – The Forest on the Walls: Notes on Indigenous Street Art

II. Visual/Experimental

  • John Fekner – Revisiting The Detective Show
  • Julia Tulke – #StayAtHome Protest: DIY Banners in Berlin
  • Aida Wilde & Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski – Notes from a Phantom
  • Kristina Borhes – A Brief Moment of Monument: Iconoclasm in the Age of the Anthropocene
  • Kehinde Christopher Adewumi & Joy Iorvihi – The Boxed In Project in Abuja
  • Jan Vormann – Home Mural in Valdivia

III. Interviews/Books/Reviews

  • Minna Valjakka – From Material Ephemerality to Immaterial Permanency: the disCONNECT Exhibition and the Realms of Interactive Immersiveness

144 pages, 21 x 28 cm, Softcover
Language: English
Release date: May 2021
Publisher: Nuart Journal

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