Masters of Reitsport #1

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“A counter-design to the more, more, more of the ordinary graffiti magazine.
Rather less – but more of it. And bigger.
A love declaration to the haptics and the small details.
Be strong. Be wrong.”

In the last few years there are occasional attempts to break up the established scheme in graffiti magazines – consisting of photo albums and small specials. Since their first digital edition from the year 2010 the makers of the „Masters of Reitsport“ magazine have completely renounced the accessories and present exclusively specials. These are all the more detailed and comprehensive.

The seventh edition, which is limited to 300 copies, is also the first print version and brings together four crew- and writer-specials on almost 90 pages. The clear layout and the freedom which was allowed in relation to motif and text allows the viewer a more personal access to the protagonists.

The selected specials show that the makers are stylistically as well as regionally well positioned. They invite the reader to take a closer look at LIMP.H, Les Tigres, Black Elvis and Nordmassiv.

88 pages, 21 cm x 28 cm, 300 copies
Paper: 100g/m² Recy Star Polar
Release date: December 2013
Publisher: Masters of Reitsport

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