An harshly scribbled down intro opens the first issue of 303 magazine. §303 is the paragraph on damage to property in German law. The set aim is to give insight into topics, which other graffiti-magazines and books rarely focus on. The first chapter “Geister” (ghosts) gives a great idea on what the publishers are about to show. Only the often hard to identify remains of pieces painted on ET420 trains in Offenbach are presented here on 12 pages.

The following pages are inviting us to enjoy specials on PSE, CPUK and Refis (who obviously has an addiction to cartoon-characters), side by side with interesting content such as the polaroid section, “Buffkrüppel” (buff cripples) and the well entertaining graffiti from the Offenbach-“Hoodboys”.

The 303 magazine offers an alternate view on the graffiti scene in the Rhein-Main area on 80 pages. The specials feature well selected artists and the added content opens your mind concerning what kind of graffiti it is worth paying attention to. Limited edition of 200 copies only.

80 pages, 21,5 x 28 cm, 200 copies
Language: german
Release date: April 2013
Publisher: 303

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