Kilroy’s Conformity by Antny Kreeg 47 (a.k.a. Nov York)


“This book is a mix between thoughts I had for a doctoral thesis, writing out my psychotic episodes and a spiritual awakening.” states Nov York as Antny Kreeg 47, author of ‘Kilroy’s Conformity’. On the following 62 pages ‘AK47’ creates a theory on the origins of the world-famous “KILROY WAS HERE” writing.

He identifies KILROY as a caricature of the omnipresent iconic Uncle Sam, with roots in the hobo culture, wanting young boys to join and fight for the U.S. Army. Build on this idea, the author draws a chronology of American war interventions starting from World War I. and II. and the soldier’s KILROY drawings as sign of their conformity.

Whether it’s the war in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan – during the last century the idea of old, white men wanting young mostly black and white men to fight for their aims and interests hasn’t changed. At the same time KILROY writings got less important and were transformed into individual, non-conformist subway writings in New Yorks late 1960s.

As the authors alias implicates ‘Kilroy’s Conformity’ is an anti-war reading combining thoughts on war itself, the social construction behind it, patriotism, revenge, racism, sexuality, religion, 9/11 trauma and in the end of course ‘Writing on Walls and Objects’ peaking in a meet-up of TAKI183 and KILROY in the New York 1970s.

64 pages, 20 x 15,1 cm, softcover with jacket
Language: English
Release date: September 2017
Publisher: Possible Books

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