Book of Bott


Originated from an synonym for shoes “botten” has become a slang-like definition for “running” or as specified in this publication: running away from the police, security guards or other authorities. On 177 pages the Book of Bott connects bott-stories by 50 narrators, most of them writers from the German capital.

Although most of the featured writers are from Berlin, the actions of their stories take place in different locations around the world, from Hungary to India but also at local spots like in Wedding underground-tunnels or on the rooftops of Pankow.

The editors Elias Herrmann and Karl Dietrich managed to unite a great variety concerning the stories and the writers who tell them. You will find stories on a suddenly disappeared 8-car-fullcolor-wholetrain by CAF and KO from 1996, chases with RUZD79 from 2001 as well as experimental poems on the topic from 2018.

Whether you can relate to the Berlin locals like MAID, SPACEPKK, RESKO, IGID, BROM, OLAF, LOFK, NES64 and BUS126 or not, this book includes entertaining and exclusive stories of artists whose output usually is limited to their often ephemeral pieces on trains and walls.

177 pages, 13,6 x 17,5 cm,
Language: German
Release date: June 2019
Publisher: Korbinian Verlag

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