Groß-Clochard (HUMAN INSIDE)


“Numerous smartphone snapshots. Frozen snippets of moments from SAEIO’s last trip to Southland. Lightheartedness. Together with two Germans SPAIR & EXOT in a car full of spray paint. Under bridges, on beaches. Train track stones plop into the sea. A booklet about the acquaintance of three artists which was about to evolve into an icy alliance. An alliance with the view towards the future. Veiled by visions.”

In May 2017 SAEIO, member of the legendary PAL crew from Paris, and Berlin based avant-garde writers EXOT and SPAIR went on an early summer holiday trip to Italy. Although the three of them have an unique and individual style, their artworks perfectly link together when they work as ICY crew line-up.

In the following days Le Trio infernal traveled from Milan over Genoa and continued their journey along the Italian coastline, leaving behind a variety of traces such as tags, throw-ups, outliners, full color pieces as well as figurative, abstract drawings.

In Groß-Clochard (HUMAN INSIDE) you can find photographic evidences (mainly from SAEIO) and texts from EXOT and SPAIR. While the Berliners wrote down anecdotes, statements and poetic thoughts on the shown works, the photos do not only document the final outcome like pieces on Trenitalia trains or in industrial areas but also involve action shots and impressions of their tramp lifestyle.

„Idiots who adorn themselves with particularly stupid activities and crawl through bushes and vandalize everything that gets in their way. The international flaneur clochard: Internationally slipping around and slightly drunk without missing anything, falling asleep (miserably) on preheated asphalt, having no good dreams, while cars on the neighboring highway scream all night long.“

Groß-Clochard (HUMAN INSIDE) is a co-produced publication by Éditions Vers le Futur (Paris) and Hitzerot (Berlin). The 132 paged softcover book includes English, German and French text and is limited to 500 copies. 20 % of the income for this book is donated to the “Association SAEIO.”

132 pages, 16 x 22 cm, Softcover, limited to 500 copies
Language: English, German and French
Release date: 10. April 2019
Publisher: Hitzerot & Éditions Vers le Futur

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