Poor Heraldix – Exotic Landscape by P. Vector Codierer


Following the ancient Latin notation graffiti names are written and read from left to right. With the upcoming execution of pieces in the early 70s writers set this common practice as standard. Within the last 50 years almost every aspect of shaping letters and designing styles pushed the boundaries of graffiti further and further. It anyway is striking to see that the vast majority of pieces still follow the tradition of horizontal painting, which might is rooted in the given format of the No.1 surface back then: NYC subway trains.

In Poor Heraldix – Exotic Landscape the Berlin based writer P. Vector Codierer invites us to take a closer look on the new and challenging possibilities which lay in vertical writing. On 72 pages he constructs tower-like letter buildings using the near full symmetry of the letters in the chosen name EXOT. In the drafts the letters are stacked to tall houses, whose architecture reminds of totems and three-dimensional labyrinths with elaborate ornaments. Stairs, portals, columns, windows, brickwork, roof-like elements and even crowning banners can be found as part of his constructions.

P. Vector Codierer combines a seemingly naive drawing style with avant-garde ideas of writing from top to bottom instead of left to right. The detailed black and white drawings are not sketches to prepare pieces but are artworks of their own kind. The inspirational hardcover book is limited to 300 copies and comes hand numbered and signed the the artist.

72 pages, 20 x 27 cm, Hardcover
signed and numbered by the artist
Language: German and English
Release date: December 2020
Publisher: Hitzerot

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