Guide 03


Guide 03 is about tags by four Prague based writers. This edition consists of four individual zines put together in a cardboard box. Each zine is focused exclusively on one of the authors showing their tags and short interviews about their tagging practice, relation between graffiti and private life, attitude to the presentation of graffs on internet, style inspirations and other topics. Each set of zines includes a postcard from Prague tagged by one of the authors.

Guide 03 briefly confronts four different personalities from three different generations. BIOR is one of few from the oldschool writers who’s still visible in the streets when it comes to illegal bombing and his tags and pieces can be seen around the city side by side with his crew members from the youngest generation- the TCS crew. PAOO, originally from Bratislava and now based in Prague has been painting since early 2000’s. He develops his personal handstyle which goes towards decoration. His tags sometimes resemble plants which parasite on walls and buildings. ADOLFE and MOUSER belong to the youngest generation of prague writers. Both follow different dynamics, ADOLFE, inspired by the New York aesthetics spreads his name probably the most actively among the youngs while MOUSER is pushing his writing more into minimalism, using less decorative elements and more focused on construction of letters. However he is still very traditional and rooted in the Prague graffiti scene in the first decade after the millenium.

4 risoprinted zines in slipcase, 176 pages together, 15 x 21 cm, signed Postcard from Prague by 1 author
Language: english
Release date: Oktober 2017
Publisher: Guide

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