Guide 06 – FREIGHTS PT. 1


Painting freight trains in Europe is on the rise. From Sweden to Italy writers have discovered the former industrial charm of mostly clean steel trains which here and there did carry pieces, sometimes even from the early 2000s. While having unbuffed pieces rolling (as long as the wagons’ numbers stay untouched) once was a new, uncommon and interesting thing to observe, many cars nowadays are a total mess of tags, crossed stuff or 2nd row pieces.

In this years Guide 06 zine, we are invited to get to know the Czech freight writer scene. Browsing through the 104 paged publication a nostalgic feeling arises: unique styled pieces, that are the only thing added to the trains surfaces. No tags from other writers, in most cases no painted background to the pieces, only clean trains: it is an almost virgin system. Whether it’s Transwaggon, Transcereales, VTG, Wascosa, Millet or coal- and tarpie models: the local net seems to be independent from the bigger European freight system.

It’s refreshing to not see the usual cargo suspects but unknown pieces by locals HONDA, ZERO, MONO, CATZ, RNR, PAOO or the NOD crew. The writers are portrayed in little chapters, sometimes showing only one big photo or up to five shots on a spread. Furthermore STRAY is featured with an accompanying interview (Czech / English), giving insight to his switch from painting passenger trains to freights.

This is the first of three separated Guide 06 zines, focusing on Czech freights and was released in June 2021. We are looking forward for the two following issues and can only recommend this one which was produced in a limited run of 200 copies only.

104 pages, 17 x 24 cm, 200 copies, Softcover
offset printing
Language: Czech / English
Release date: June 2021
Publisher: Guide

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