Cargokult 2: NORDWESTBHF


When we decided to add Cargokult 1 to our stock in 2015, publications on freight trains have been rare. Usually they consisted of works from writers you might knew from their activities on the steel giants that travel from France to the Czech Republic and from Italy to Sweden. But even if a writer from Düsseldorf did a piece on a freight, you couldn’t tell if the place of action have been Munich, Malmö or Milano. For Cargokult 2 the publishers turned this narrative around and for the first time ever focused on a place in which freights have been painted: the Vienna Northwest Railway Station.

The publication gives insight into the station’s 150 year long past with historic footage and background information on the modernization in the 1970s and the beginning of its step by step closing since 2016. In the last decade the yard has become the playground of Team Cargokult and friends, so they present the spots that have been painted since 2012. Whether it’s ‘Island’, ‘Halls and Hangars’ or ‘Runway’: Each area is designed in an individual colourscheme chapter and with the map in the book’s opening flap you are able to track down the different places shown in the photographs.

The atmospheric shots do not document a random undefined industrial landscape, but allow to witness the decay which the Northwest Railway Station has gone through in the last ten years. The authors say farewell in accompanying short stories that illustrate the ongoing change of this place until 2022, when the last freight left the remaining rails. We are proud to have helped the realization of this lovely softcover publication. It is limited to 300 copies only. On almost 200 pages you can find works from MOBEE, TD2F, SIOR, LOZVER,KLEE, LIPS84, BILD, STACE, ILOVEYOU, BOTOX, MASON, SHARK, COLUMBO, K100, NUDGE, FR8D, ERNST, VRS, GZGZ, and more.

192 pages, 19,5 cm x 26,5 cm, cover with map flap
Language: German and English
Release date: October 2022
Publisher: Cargokult, Replikat Press & Hitzerot

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