Riding The Beast of Europe – Jan Glín


Jan Glín is a Czech based passionate train hopper and adventurer, who is leaving his marks as monikers along his route and on freight trains he comes across. Following the ancient hobo culture he explored several routes within Central Europe in the last years. In fall of 2019 he accidentally stumbled across leftovers refugees left when riding illegal on a freight train. The idea to go big and follow their path from Southern Europe stuck with him.

“…I still feel the need to travel the Balkan refugee route. I’m tired of all the famous routes through Central Europe and thinking about pushing my passion even further.”

In autumn of 2021 he implemented the plan to travel the Balkan route. After taking a plane to Greece he started his trip which would lead him to Idomeni near to the North Macedonian border further to Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and finally back to the Czech Republic. While for him it started as a exciting joyride, he meets groups of refugees on their way along the almost 1300km long route.

“I notice someone watching me from afar. I wave at the person, so they don’t think I’m a security or train worker […]. His name is Abdul, he comes from Afghanistan, he fled his country to live a better life.”

Together they spend some time traveling north and Glín is about to know the harsh and hard measures to control the borders. With a constant fear of being chased by cops, their drones, cameras and thermal sensors to keep illegal migrants out of their countries, he ultimately even gets busted.

“I’m afraid he’ll think I’m a refugee and beat me. He yells back at me to shut up and stop moving. […] The cops are looking at my ID in disbelief, asking a lot questions.”

Riding The Beast of Europe is an authentic, emotional, thrilling story on Jan Glín’s trip along the Balkan route. Like reading a travel diary you join his adventure while at the same time you take part in his critic reflections on the passion of hopping trains just for fun. The 148-paged softcover includes an introduction by Pablo Allison and contains works from ZCAP, KARSO, SONIC, EXOT, BAUZA, T.BONE, ZONKE73, SIOR, 2PAY, RNR, SLAM, IHNED, TD2F, and more.

148 pages, 14,8 cm x 21 cm, additional silver, some of them are signed
Language: English and Czech
Release date: Summer 2022
Publisher: Jan Glín

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