Cargocolor Nummervier


In their fourth print issue the guys behind Cargocolor united 16 specials under the topic of darkness. Each of the participants did take part in an individual way, always related to freighttrains or the hobo culture.

Darkness sometimes is defined due to it’s absence during the Scandinavian midsummer (Rastapunka), sometimes in metaphorical ways (LOOUIS) or in a collection of gloomy shining light poles in freight yards (St. W.).

Once again the Cargocolor concept issue offers a broad variety of unique text- and photo contributions by artists from Germany, Finland, Italy, Poland, Ukraine and Greece.

Featured artists this time are COOLIO, SHEM, NOTS, STYLO, Karsten Fuß, ARIS, LES Miserables, NORD, H. Dampf, DR. LU, TM87, Stomerkid, APL315, Ralph Roelse, TEFRA90 and Wolf Daubin.

Nummervier is the final print issue by Cargocolor so take the chance and get one of the 300 limited copies.

52 pages, 20,1 x 26,8 cm, limited to 300 copies
Language: Mainly German, English. No translation.
Release date: March 2018
Publisher: Studio außer Haus

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