If you are into the topics of exploration of the cityscape and unauthorized appropriation of spaces within the city you most likely came across the works from Adam Kraft or simply ADAM from Stockholm. He is known for outstanding and well thought out interactions in several major European cities in the past two decades. “KEY NOTES ON THE UNRULY CITY – Social, Material, and Spatial Transgressions” for the first time ever adds an extensive textual and pictorial context to his often long term projects.

The book consists of three main chapters: Berlin, Paris and Copenhagen. The first part deals with a terrain behind a gigantic construction scaffolding at the Bau-Akademie right in Berlin’s historic center. With found on the spot materials Adam homely furnished a construction container within this space only to afterwards invite strangers to this site through hand delivered invitations in their mailboxes all over Europe. Included was a detailed instruction and a drawing of the key which the receivers were now able to produce and gain access. Unfortunately the 15-year old construction scaffolding was taken down soon after he finished it, which triggered him to realize a even more complex project at the same spot: the An-Akademie.

We could continue to list down several other projects and methods of operating by Adam from manufacturing keys, building secret doors and sophisticated opening mechanisms, pulley blocks, bricolaged furniture, dug tunnels, or stolen huts which travel thousands of kilometers to the Arctic Circle on a freight train.

KEY NOTES ON THE UNRULY CITY is more than an unique insight into the way Adam works and how he contextualizes his project in a wider frame – it is an unbelievable elaborated handcrafted print publication. Every page is a fold-out containing more photographic content on each project. Different sorts of paper, cover materials and printing techniques have been used to make each copy an individual work. The book functions as overview and in-depth explanation and is truly recommended by us.

Note: The books will be shipped randomly. No colorway or cover material can be chosen.

189 pages + 144 pages on fold-out posters in various dimensions, 23,9 x 16,9 cm, hardcover in various colors and materials
Language: English
Release date: October 2023
Publisher: A5 Press & Errant Bodies Press

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