PLAY2HARD is the latest photo book by Berlin maniac writer SPAIR on his all city exploring and mark leaving game. The publication presents a writer who works as a traditional bomber in the city of Berlin. But there seems to be a second urge as part of his works: The need to explore and discover hidden places. Spots most graffiti writers would not go or if so, they would rarely aim to leave their mark there.

Once again the reader is invited to join him on his extraordinary explorations in the cityscape. Vacant lots, feral backyards, hidden rooms in bridges or between buildings: SPAIR obviously has a completely own map of Berlin and discovers places a city planer usually did not intend to make accessible for the everyday guy. Nevertheless the atmospheric analog photos show traces of strange human activities, sometimes decades ago, in most of these spots.

On almost 200 pages we get an insight into his most recent expeditions from the last years. With companions like BARTO, KROK, EXOT, SAEIO, NOV, HYPE, HEZHT, KILO81, FIONA, CLINT176, TOMEK or THUG he did leave his marks, mainly simple black or silver tags and pieces, often accompanied with the date of the visit, in the city’s most uncommon and hard to access places.

192 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, softcover
Release date: December 2022
Publisher: Hitzerot

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