Illegale Zeichnungen


Following the stale traditional graffiti type hierarchy, letter pieces can be executed as hasty throw-ups, large-scale, well readable bombings and ornate, multicolored pieces. The last category can usually be found in halls of fame, where writers often spend much time and even more paint to work on and perfect their style.

It is uncommon that these acquired abilities find their way back to the initially first two mentioned categories. Fortunately SCER decided to take this path when he brought back a rarely observed type of writing to the streets of Berlin: the outliner. After the first works popped up in 2016 , seemingly done only with a standard cap and cans of red or black, it looked like someone highly skilled killed some leftover paint by doing perfect firstlines.

Within the next months it became clear that SCER follows a strict agenda and whether the outliners nor the places are chosen randomly. Contrary to the logo like New York throw-up archetype and its repetitive execution on as much locations as possible, the artist seems to sketch, modify and improve his four letters more and more with every accomplished piece. Just like an ongoing demand for empty sheets of paper, SCER intentionally selects spots which are especially clean and getting buffed fast.

On 100 pages Illegale Zeichnungen (“illegal drawings”) comes as a real life sketch book, transforming freestyle drafts to the most efficient stylewriting pieces on the streets of Berlin. Besides photographic documentation the publication includes photo stories of remaining traces, which are picked up as inspirational ideas for the next piece or lines that minimalize into abstract shapes as soon as the spot gets revisited again and again. The introduction by BROM rounds off the photobook which is limited to 200 copies only.
Every exemplar is signed by SCER with an unique outliner!

100 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, Edition of 200, hand numbered and signed by SCER with an unique outliner, extrarough paper with one color digital print,
Introduction by BROM (German)
Release date: May 2019
Publisher: Der Edelstein

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