Art Inconsequence – Advanced Vandalism


The “art inconsequence”-movie, which was published in 2007 is a milestone concerning the avantgardistic approach of the featured material. Although the movie shows classic graffiti actions mostly on trains, the artworks themselves do not follow typical writing-traditions. Whether it’s the massive throw-up bombing of NEU or the abstract shaped trainpieces by OVER. Every participant did break and overcame self set “rules” of the graffiti-scene in own and individual ways. The cutting and soundtrack of the motion picture from punk over David Bowie to atmospheric soundscapes makes the flick even more entertaining.

“That may be the core problem to me: looking for freedom to expression, I turn away from society as we know it, and where do I find myself? – Stuck in another kind of society, call it “graffiti scene”, that tries to limit me with at least as many rules and regulations as the “normal” society. No way! Ridiculous! A regulation-system for vandalism – are you joking?”

On more than 140 pages you can find great essays and explanations on writing, which left the established ways of graffiti. The texts from Robert Kaltenhäuser, Hans Winkler & Carlo McCormick, Peter Michalski, Berndhard Uske and Pia Pada deal with contemporary graffiti and its context inside the scene or in the art-world as well as discussions about legal and illegal art, often directly connected to the material shown on the DVD.

“What can I do to escape from that bullshit, to break free from that? The resolution is called destruction. No – I don’t refer to that “destruction of private property”, that silly accusation we’re confronted with, when applying a little paint onto the trains – the destruction I’m talking about is the destruction of false belief.”

The book also includes a lot stills from the movie, detail-shots and great, often full-paged photographs of the artworks from: NEU, OS GEMEOS, OVER, TAPS, REVO, FELS, REE, CUE, ANGEL, NIVEL, DUE, SELF and many more.

144 pages, 21,4 x 21,6 cm
Language: German and English
DVD: 80 min / german with english subtitles
Release date: 2007
Publisher: Publikat

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