IRON CITY – Graffiti Dortmund


Dortmund is one of the few German cities in which the classic 1980s movies and books from New York on graffiti had an immediate impact and gave birth to a very active and fast developing scene. Names like ZODIAK, CHINTZ and SHARK have been iconic figures in the early days of graffiti in Germany and Europe and still are today.

IRON CITY is a 128 paged illustrated book which shows rare shots of the first steps writers made starting in 1983, full color panels from 1986 as well as brilliant photographic documents of the city’s completely painted railway system in the 1990s. Every section starts with a little introduction explaining the chronological order the chapters are arranged in.

By following the 80ies (with ROC, COLE and ZHIT), the 90ies (featuring IZM, RIO, SKE3, DNK and MASON) and the early 2000s (with WUT, PORE, REVO and TAPS) you get an impression of what gave Dortmund its great international reputation concerning an unique, classy and often fullcolor bombing style.

We recommend IRON CITY as one of the most important books on the history of German graffiti. If you ever wondered why writers from all over the world mention Dortmund artists as their personal kings, this book might gives you an idea of what they are talking about. Special discount on the last copies of this must-have publication!

128 pages, 22,5 x 21,5 cm
Language: German and English
Release date: 2002
Publisher: MASmedia

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