Depicting Recent Memories


In the late 1990s and early 2000s the Berlin based DRM crew have been one of the most famous trainwriting crews the capital had to offer. Their legendary status which lasts until today was established by the group’s ultimate mix of immense quantity and the highest quality pieces. AREA, RUZD79 (†), RAGE, TOK and FREAK are only a few names you might came across riding a train in Berlin or while checking out graff magazines or videos of this era.

In the past two decades the DRM members were forced to almost entirely shut down their output as a crew due to their family life, job liabilities or conflicts among each other. For “Depicting Recent Memories – A visual diary by the DRM crew together with Edward Nightingale“ they managed to team up again and recollected what brought them together in the first place: the passion to paint trains. Between 2016 and 2020 the crew made a revival on the Berlin subway and iconic names like MICRO, SHUS, SOUL, SHOK or DAVIS started to reappear alongside newer names like MAD or AZUR.

Together with Edward Nightingale, best known for his atmospheric shots which portray international trainwriters at work, the DRM were back in the game. New advanced tools allowed the crew to partial realize giant multicolored burners while the photographer did not only observe their actions, but captured the unique atmosphere in the city’s railway catacombs.

The outcome is a 320-paged massive hardcover including intense shots capturing the tension of the veterans second spring, as well as the finished masterpieces, often caught in traffic. The very well balanced mix was completed with short texts by the crew members on their comeback. <i>Depicting Recent Memories</i> is the perfect merge of what the crew and the photographer are best at: inviting the viewer to authentically join some of the best writers Berlin’s trains did ever witness. The book’s love to detail and outstanding workmanship will catch your eye everytime you take it out of your shelf.

320 pages, 23 x 29 cm, blue color edge, special paper choice, embossed hardcover plus printed transparent jacket
Language: English
Release date: April 2022
Publisher: It’s for us

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