Boulevard No.1 – CLASSICS


Boulevard – On Trespassing and Culture is a brand new print publication and as the editors state in their explanatory introduction, the plan is to regularly publish “a discourse oriented independent publication”. What Boulevard is all about, can easily be recognized by reading the first paragraph in which a lack of (art)-criticism is pointed out, but at the same time the reference is linked to a book which is only available in German. The editors want to work on both problems:

The REPRINT chapter, the Boulevards main part, brings back important texts which have been published for example only in French, are hard to get, out of print or just didn’t got the attention which they might deserve. Thanks to the editors (two of them are also responsible for the Zugriff magazine) the first issue includes texts by Allan Schwartzmann (1985), Oliver Kuhnert (2017), Detlef Hoffmann (1985), Moritz Klein (2013), James E. Walmesley (2004), Another One (2009), Ralf Beuthan (2011) and David Ley & Roman Cybriwsky (1974) in English language.

In TALK chapter you can find recommendations (books, exhibitions, screen prints), announcements (events, conferences, book fairs, etc.) and interviews, like in this issue with curator Frank Krämer.

The thrid chapter presents showcases and series of photography by artists, curators or photographers. Tony Klicklack (on CAT22), Gen Atem / Miriam Bossard, ARIS / TOCKA, and MOSES&TAPS™ (by Edward Nightingale) are featured on the first issues CASES section.

Although Boulevard No.1 CLASSICS has the traditional newspaper format and paper, it comes in a cardboard box to help the 80 paged publication survive without any damages in your bookshelf.


  • Stencibility / Buffantgarde / L’écriture de l’ombre
  • Rocco und seine Brüder – Fri/Vol. 2 / Graffiti NOW / Urban Creativity Conference Lisbon
  • Campus Attisholz / Aris and Tocka – Print Edition
  • Unlock Bookfair / The Tag Conference / CityLeaks – re:public
  • Urban Art Biennale 2019 Unlimited
  • Interview with Frank Krämer (Curator, Völklinger Hütte)


  • Allan Schwartzman – Street Art. (1978)
  • Oliver Kuhnert – Aesthetic Poverty and Egomania. (2017)
  • Detlef Hoffmann – 2000 Years of Graffiti or Each Age has the Walls it deserves. (1985)
  • Moritz Klein – Graffiti as Sport. (2013)
  • James Walmesley – In the Beginning there was the Word. (2004)
  • Another One – Some Kind (of) Stranger. (2009)
  • Ralf Beuthan – What is Graffiti? An Attempt at a Philosophical Definition. (2011)
  • David Ley and Roman Cybriwsky – Urban Graffiti as Territorial Markers. (1974)


  • Tony Klicklack – Graffiti’s not Dead
  • Gen Atem / Miriam – Form is Emptiness
  • ARIS and TOCKA – But you don’t see Me.
  • MOSES & TAPS und Edward Nightingale – 18/1

80 pages, 31,5 x 46,5 cm, newspaper in cardboard box
Language: English
Release date: May 2019
Publisher: Boulevard

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