CALYBA – Gedichte


by Joachim Spurloser and Stefan Wartenberg

As a writer you have a fixed reading when looking at graffiti. It is automatically structured according to the name of the writer and the crew, along with accomplices, regional origin, for example, district numbers, year, etc. The selected tool for attaching the lettering helps the viewer to separate who independently or together with others was at work.

If one would now come up with the idea to read the abbreviations and alias names one after the other, there would be little sense in doing so. The authors Joachim Spurloser and Stefan Wartenberg, however, have just made use of this inexhaustible pool of words, names and abbreviations in order to create a basis for this volume of poems.

The written words, which were probably never designed by the authors for a context with other tags and abbreviations, now result in newly arranged, unimaginable contexts of meaning: BOXER ALI VS TYZON KO 2ND ROUND is just one example it. On the 128 pages you’ll find more amusing, partly confused Dadaist creations.

The book not only offers non-scenographic readers an amusing insight into the often randomly name choices of some writers and the potential with which the authors form them into astonishingly entertaining rhymes. But especially writers who have forgotten to associate PHOS4, NEON and BROM with the periodic table are reminded by poems such as FIAT, SEAT, KEFAR, FORD, TRAFIC, JAM that the chosen names often have a second, original meaning, that is hidden or filled with other meanings.

128 pages, 14,8 cm x 18,5 cm
Author: Joachim Spurloser, Stefan Wartenberg
Language: 2294 graffiti names
Release date: August 2015
Publisher: Possible Books

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