N.o.madski – The Essence


Nomad has been part of the European style writing elite since at least the 2010s. In his colorful, large-format concept walls, he combines graphic elements and figures from comics into impressive murals in which his pieces are just as lavishly designed as the background. As a viewer, you are literally struck down by the wealth of details, effects and abilities of the artist.

This seems to have moved Nomad in „The Essence“ to show a series of pieces in which elaborate backgrounds, playful details and complex color combinations are excluded. The Hamburg-based artist uses only two colors in each of the pictures: black and silver/white. This reduction allows him to focus on the core of his work, on an individual style.
Round, angular, intricate, simple or complex: none of the pieces are alike. As each of the blueprints is contrasted with the finished works, new ideas of the combination of his letters emerge. By printing the sketch, the viewer is even closer to the original idea of the pieces. This is reminiscent of the charm of collecting, photocopying and swapping sketches in the early 1990s.

The photo volume is completed by text contributions by Moses and Poet, whereby the essay of the latter artist has to be emphasized: he analyzes the work of his crew colleague not only in an art-historical context, but also highlights the location of the works in a graffiti-historical context.

The Hamburger Nomad manages to present stylewriting in its pure form in the 192-page concept book and shows that even the essence of big and effective productions can be on par with these.

192 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm, 500 hand numbered copies
Release Date: July 2017
Publisher: N.o.madski

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