AKAY – Blackbook 1986-1990


“There’s a brief gap in Akay’s meticulous record-keeping from just before Christmas of 1988 when his dad confiscated his original blackbook and locked it inside a bank safety deposit box. His dad threatened to throw it in the fire if Akay didn’t stop painting graffiti. A few weeks after the blackbook was taken hostage, two policemen showed up at Akay’s dad’s house with a search warrant. Akay and Weird were told to wait in the kitchen while the police searched Akay’s basement bedroom looking for evidence to build their case against him—things like photos or sketches, or even better, all that evidence conveniently glued into a book along with the dates and locations written next to the pieces. But thanks to his dad’s failed attempts at parental extortion […], the police didn’t find anything incriminating.”

Akay has been one of the graffiti pioneers in Stockholm in the mid-eighties. He is a co-founder of the famous Swedish VIM crew (Vandals In Motion) and today probably better known for his exciting interventions in public space.

Now a replica of AKAY’s very first blackbook has been released. The prolific graffiti writer created an unintentional chronicle of an era of Stockholm graffiti from 1986-1990. It contains elaborately and lovingly pasted sketches, photographs, newspaper clippings and other documents from that time.

As a special feature, all fold-out content has been separately reproduced and comes in an envelope. These collages can then be pasted in and completed by yourself. A glue stick is included.

154 pages, 25 x 34 cm, hardcover, separate fold outs in envelope
Release date: January 2022
Publisher: Toxoplasma

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