Kul Att Det Körs – Per Englund

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Per Englund is a Swedish writer and photographer who started doing graffiti in 1994. As he states in the introduction, he kind of regrets the lack of documented tags from his early writing days, due to analog cameras, expensive films and the lower value within the hierarchy of graffiti. It seems as if in today’s times of digital photography for him the habit of always carrying a camera is a long term effect of this loss.

“Kul Att Det Körs” (a Swedish graffiti saying) is a selection of photos Englund took in his everyday life between 2012 and 2017. The black and white photographs clearly show his focus on marker and spraycan tags but you can also find throw-ups and bombings in the book. The documented graffiti is presented in close ups, from a little distance or in atmospheric shots, including more of the respective surrounding from the city of Stockholm.

While the second part features a mix of writers like UZI, SPAIN, SWEDEN, AKAY, ABSENT, SEXVALP, LIGISD, KEGR and BABBO in photo series like trucks or places which have been revisited over months and years, the books’ first half consists of bigger chapters on KANIN, PSYKOS, SERIO, FHER, SPACEY, HONIE & GIMP and GAME OVER. These names have been spotlighted not because of their experience or the practice of the ‘best’ graffiti following New York graffiti aesthetics, but they attracted the photographers attention most and managed to stand out.

On the 136 pages you can find more than 300 photographs, an additional text by Tobias Barenthin Lindblad and an image register to visit the locations yourself. Each copy is accompanied by an leaflet including an English translation. A handful of the very last available copies are signed by Per Englund. Choose your preferred edition underneath.

136 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, mainly black and white
Language: Swedish / English
Release date: 2018
Publisher: Dokument Press

Note: Some of the books have slightly bumped corners due to shipping. These books we offer cheaper as “slightly damaged”.