SAEIO 2009-2014


In Summer of 2015 a crowd founding campaign to finance the printing of “SAEIO 2009-2014” started. The book included 300 pages of illegal activities such as tags and street pieces by the PAL crew member from Paris. It was limited to 1000 copies and sold out in 2017, the year in which SAEIO tragically passed away.

The influence of SAEIO’s work on the graffiti world grew more and more and people realized how brilliant and trailblazing his style of painting really was and still is. To this day the free, avant-garde and unique way he created tags and pieces has left a mark in the history of European writing. In consequence his 2015 monograph became an even more looked-for collectors item.

In December 2023 finally a reissue of SAEIO 2009-2014 was released and we are especially happy to be able to offer this treasure to you. The content is identical to the first edition besides the preface which was slightly extended. You will find full colour street pieces in the book, as well as tags, throw-ups, wholecars, rooftops, shutter pieces executed by brush, or trucks from the French capital. SAEIO didn’t seem to leave out one category to express his individual style of writing.

The book consists of 344 pages of which 296 solely contain photographs. The remaining 48 pages feature an illustrated interview with SAEIO in French and English. Just like the 2015 edition the cover can be used as a fold-out poster (84,5 x 59,3 cm). One side is showing a close up detail from a piece, the other side works as an index for all featured photographs. In case you missed the opportunity buy the first one, finally there is the chance to save this gem for your collection. We absolutely recommend this one!

344 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, softcover, stitched spine with fold-out cover
Language: French/English
Release date: December 2023 (2015)
Publisher: Éditions Peinture

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