SAEIO from Paris was one of the most influential writers within the last decade. His style of tagging usually included the entire body, as perfectly shown in his SIGNATURE video. His pieces were unique as well, often consisting of different abstract approaches, which lead to completely new and original works. Besides capturing the process and final result of his work in moving images, SAEIO was passionate about zines.

Starting in 2014 until his tragic passing in 2017 he self published a handful of rare zines. Very small editions were produced in varying printing processes and unusual methods of binding, mostly signed by him with individual tags. Here and there collaborative zines have also been published, e.g. with his PAL crew mates HORFEE, GUES or TOMEK.

Although each of these publication is different, one thing always stayed common in the series of self made zines: No graphic designer or publisher had influence on the content, neither on the layout and so they remain authentic pieces of his oeuvre. Every page was designed well thought out, no matter if a photo and a text were combined or several photos on a spread. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to get one of SAEIO’s zines and if they are offered, one often has to pay high set black market prices. BINTOU COURTE is the only exception. It was published at innen first in 2015 and had been reprinted exactly the same way in 2022. Don’t miss the chance to get the last officially available zine, that the artist designed by himself.

32 pages, 13 cm x 19 cm, black & white offset printed
Release date: April 2022 (first edition 2015)
Publisher: innen

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