Boxcar Magazin – Eins


Freight trains have been a consistent genre of graffiti in Europe for at least the last 10 years. You can see this especially on blogs and in internet portals. Busy spotters of the trains, which allow the goods transfer within Europe, regularly provide an unmanageable amount of motifs from Scandinavia, the Ruhr area, Hamburg, Berlin, etc.. It is only a fraction of the actually existing and daily emerging panels, tags and monikers.

As in classic trainwriting, it was only a matter of time until a selection of these motifs was published in a magazine. The first issue of the Boxcar magazine immediately convinced us with its excellent selection of photos and a well thought out layout. It not only documents graffiti on freight trains, but rather gives the reader the atmosphere in which the trains operate. Impressive shots of freights can be found in quiet nature between foliage and branches, in front of an impressive industrial backdrop or in the harbor on the Bosporus.

The authors have created not only a haptic interesting and large print work; also the selection of actors shown (such as Barto, Katdog, Hezht, Fume, Zonke73, Fire, Limp.H, Kosmo and Flash) shows the elite of the Central European Freight scene.

We are pleased to be able to add a very high quality magazine to our range with Boxcar. The hand-numbered Boxcar magazine is limited to 300 copies and was printed in offset. It also has a screen-printed cover and should be part of a freight-fans collection!

56 pages, 23,5 x 31,6 cm, 300 hand numbered copies
Cover: Silk screen
Release Date: March 2017
Publisher: Boxcar Magazin

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