Over and Over #1


The guys behind the Masters of Reitsport focussed on tags in the first issue of their Over and Over magazine. On 44 pages they present tags on electric boxes, inside trains, on doors and other objects the writers did chose to put their mark on.

While usually tags are not in the main focus of publications on graffiti, here you find only one shot per page. This allows the reader to concentrate carefully on tags, which she/he would might have passed quickly in the streets and may have not even recognized. The black framing of the pictures and the black-and-white photography helps paying more attention to the aesthetics of every single writing you can find in the zine which is limited to 50 copies.

Featured artists are Vipers, Fluid, TKS, Raub, Rascal, Lloyd, Rime, Noisr, Eriks, Zip-It, CBC’s, CPUK, TAJRR, Y.F., Geer, Fax’r, Mrix, Exot, Ehzo, Canon, K100, Klein, Dead84, Nozz, Loof, Zier, Geier, Neu, Nstop, Henk, Kanis, Vandal, Yoya, Kidnap and others.

44 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm
Language: –
Release date: December 2015
Publisher: Masters of Reitsport

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