Getting Caught


In this 2011 publication Akay from Stockholm collected 24 narrations from the past 30 years about writers who tell their story about „getting caught“. The stories are written down in chronological order starting from 1987. Most of the stories play in Stockholm but Akay also invited writers from Berlin and Copenhagen to join this unique concept book.

The participants are: Sledge, Akay, Lake, Ångest, Khan, Neck, Feys (Copenhagen), Akim (Berlin), Astma, Pomac, Unik, Terror, Monkey & Kripoe (Berlin), Big Brother, Kropp, Matthias & Mischa (Berlin), Tele & Jens (Copenhagen), Kouch (Berlin), Sken, Zoe (Berlin), Ruskig (Berlin), Itso (Copenhagen) and Kaos.

„This is a collection of stories about doing stupid things, getting chased, and almost getting away with it.“

122 pages, 10 x 15 cm
Language: English
Release date: 2011
Publisher: Toxoplasma Press

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