Zelle Asphaltkultur Set


In addition to a large-sized postcard (“behave calmly!”), the set also includes two publications from the past few years on exhibitions by the North Rhine-Westphalia based and Europe-wide operating group of artists. The works, which stand between graffiti, agitprop and political art, sometimes attract a great media and virtual echo.

The exhibition catalog “There’s a Law”, published at the end of 2012, features color photographs of various works of Zelle Asphaltkultur, with the majority of the works shown being located on trains or along railways. In addition to reactions on the Internet, there are also press articles about the actions in the catalog. The work overview is framed in text contributions by the curator Lene ter Haar and the art historian Harald Hinz.

A more in-depth analysis of the production of Zelle Asphaltkultur in German and English can be found in the May 2014 publication “Wir stehen bereit” / “We stand ready” for the exhibition in Essen’s colliery „Zollverein“.
Next to the Os Gemeos there are statements by Fabian Lasarzik, Lene ter Haar, Dr. Harald Hinz, Peter Michalski, Moses and Robert Kaltenhäuser.

The essays attempt to examine and classify the approach of the artist group more precisely using various examples. It also addresses the often ambiguous authorship of the works, the chosen imagery and aesthetics, as well as overlaps with advertising and political propaganda. In addition to well-founded analyzes of topics and design, possible and actual reactions from the target audience can be found in the catalog. In a concluding interview with the collective, questions about specific individual works as well as about the group itself are answered.

“Wir stehen bereit” / “We stand ready”
84 pages, 20,9 cm x 14,5 cm
Authors: Os Gemeos, Fabian Lasarzik, Lene ter Haar, Dr. Harald Hinz, Peter Michalski, Moses, Robert Kaltenhäuser
Language: german and english
Release date: May 2014
Publisher: Zelle Asphaltkultur

“There’s a Law”
60 pages, 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm, 1000 handnumbered copies
Authors: Harald Hinz, Lene ter Haar
Language: german
Release date: January 2013

“Verhaltet euch ruhig! / behave calmly!”
Postcard, 21 cm x 14,5 cm
Publisher: Zelle Asphaltkultur

Note: The zine “Wir stehen bereit” and the postcard is included within the prints here and here.

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