Zelle Asphaltkultur – Wir stehen bereit – Screen print

Zelle Asphaltkultur – Wir stehen bereit – Screen print


Zelle Asphaltkultur – Wir stehen bereit – Screen print
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Zelle Asphaltkultur is a North Rhine-Westphalia based and Europe-wide operating group of artists. Their artworks, which stand between graffiti, agitprop and political art, did attract a great media and virtual echo in the past. Two of their controversial works, which usually appear on trains or along train lines, are now available as high quality screen prints.

“Wir stehen bereit!” has been released to the occasion of the groups big exhibition at the Zeche Zollverein (Essen) in 2014. The print shows a photograph of a 2013 non-permissioned intervention / mural painting at the train line in Düsseldorf. The print is limited to 70 copies, numbered and signed by the collective.

Size: 102 x 71,7 cm, Edition of 70, stamped, signed and numbered
Paper: high-quality acid-free archive cardboard
Publisher: Zelle Asphaltkultur

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Weight 2000 g
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