BUS126 – Shizen – Screen Print


For the launch of our second exclusive Hitzerot screen print, we are happy to have BUS126 once again as partner involved. With “Shizen” the Berlin based artist with roots in the Berlin graffiti history seems to give a direct continuation to his last artwork. Whilst his first screen print did show a chronological overview from his beginnings in the 1980s graffiti world to nowadays figurative drawn objects, “Shizen” takes up the plot and develops the story further.

Looking on the precisely drawn objects, you immediately begin to “read” through the dramaturgy, consisting of fantastic objects in which realistic elements can be made out here and there. The screen prints upper half seems to show lined up, collected artifacts, whereas the bottom part BUS126 created a surrounding in which these objects interact with each other and form an organic fantasy apparatus and landscape at the same time.

42 cm x 59,4 cm (A2), edition of 50, signed and numbered by BUS126
Printed by: Printing Monkey
Paper: uncoated recycling paper
Publisher: Hitzerot

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