BUS126 – Screen print


Matching to the LET’S DISAPPEAR! book set, we are honored to publish the first exclusive Hitzerot screen print! BUS126, oldschool pioneer and part of the Berlin stylistic avant-garde elite, went through his works and presents a in parts chronological overview and quint essence of his writing career. Starting with stiff and aggressive outlines the styles begin to loose traditional elements like arrows or usual connections, becoming more organic forms over the time and seem to complete fade away into abstract spaces until they finally retransform into everyday landscape objects.

The 50 x 70 cm two colored screen print has been manufactured on thick uncoated paper and is limited to 50 hand numbered copies. BUS126 did mark each screen print with a signature tag in ink.

50 x 70 cm, Edition of 50, signed and numbered by BUS126
Printed by: Printing Monkey
Paper: thick uncoated paper
Publisher: Hitzerot

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