Tales from Belgium


“Tales from Belgium” is the result of 6 years detailed research into train writing on passanger trains in Belgium. It shows a chronological overview of one of the most popular destinations for graffiti writers in recent decades and thus also an incredible range of different styles from the various years. From the very first graffiti on a Belgian passenger train by a few Dutchmen in 1990, leading up to the era of the iconic Burgundy red trains until 2021 with the light gray trains.

The 824 paged (!!!) and almost 4 kg heavy book, shows 160 remarkable stories and 80 anecdotes told over a period of 32 years from both local and foreign writers as well as from railway police, cleaners or train conductors. All illustrated with 1500 mostly unpublished photos from over 500 writers. To name just a few: CES53, MILK, MASON, MELLIE, REAZE, FUME, DROW, ROBOT, HONET, CHINTZ, DRAX, ATOME, JAKE, GOMEZ, XOLS, KEATS, RAID, HULK, TAYLOR, OTIS, NOACH, ANIMALS, IRON, TRIPL, NAWAS, TAPS, REKO, FRA32, KID CRAP, ROIS, SHARE, PINK, SAEIO, Zelle Asphaltkultur, HORFEE, DART, USER, ROCCO, MOSES, ZONCKE, SEYAR, SWAP, and hundreds more.

“Tales from Belgium” has been realized with incredible passion to detail and is for us a must-have in every bookshelf. The book is available in 3 different color versions that reflect each individual era. The dark green for the 1990s, burgundy red for the 2000s and light gray for everything from 2010 up until the date of printing. But not only the covers have different colors, also the content used one extra color to highlight your favorite era. (Difference to be seen in the preview pictures).

824 pages, 21 x 31 cm, hardcover in 3 different color versions, two different papers
Language: English
Release date: September 2022
Publisher: ALIAS PRESS