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Although the spraycan was invented in Norway not everybody might have the country’s graffiti history on the map. With “OSLO GRAFFITI – A PART OF OSLO, NORWAY’S GRAFFITI HISTORY IN PICTURES 1984-2008” the publishers made an attempt to change this, when they put out the book on the capital in 2009. The book was sold out and was hard to get in the last years so in 2022 an extended 2nd edition luckily has been published.

80 extra pages were added to the photo book, that here and there does also include small text excerpts from local writers. Starting in 1984 with the very first generation the massive hardcover is separated into nine main chapters like Stations, Commuter trains, Subways or Wholecars. On top of that the chronological order features important writers of each era like SHANE, KASY, GOAL, SKOG, CELT, MACK & BITS, RIDDER or GOOFY.

The 400-paged reprint allows to follow the city’s history in hundreds of shots. While the beginnings remind of typical New York influenced naive pieces, soon an European 80s style did affect the local scene as well. Step by step OSLO’s writers seem to develop a individual local style which by the end of the 2000s could easily be identified as Scandinavian.

We recommend the book to everyone who is interested in the history of European graffiti. OSLO GRAFFITI comes with English texts and is limited to 500 copies only. So better be quick to save your copy!

Note: The books have unfortunately slightly bumped corners on the cover material due shipping from Norway to Germany. The inner part of the book is not affected. That is why we offer them cheaper.


400 pages, 28,8 cm x 25,7 cm, hardcover
Language: English
Release date: 2022
Publisher: Ocht Forlag

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