The photographer Emmett E. from Berlin has documented graffiti on S-Bahn trains in the past years. The result is 144 pages long and shows big impressive photos.
Farbzüge is numbered by hand. There are three different book covers; each one has one of the respective stickers. Those stickers are usually used by train drivers, who frantically put them on the pieces.

“Color on a train. Barely any other art is as short-lived as graffiti. Considering the work put into every single piece a photo of it is indispensable. However, the focus of the photo does not necessarily have to be on the graffiti. When I take pictures, I want to show real and authentic moments. The train that runs through the city, which practically changes its scenery with every second. People all over the city see the train at these very different places. They may even react to the piece or simply ignore and reject it. Everything is possible.”
–Emmett E

140 pages, 29 cm x 23 cm, 250 hand numbered copies, 3 different cover sticker
Release date: July 2015
Publisher: Emmett Edelstein

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