In the years 2009, 2010 and 2013 Emmett Edelstein, best known for his “der edelstein” magazine, blog and several other publications, traveled to Copenhagen. As a passionated photographer of Berlin’s cityscape and explorer of the writers’ traces, no matter how hidden they might be, the Danish capital came out as a perfect new playing field for him.

Following Emmett’s work, you will find out immediately that he has a clear preference concerning the writers’ works which he captures and later eventually publishes. Doing the most stuff or the biggest pieces does not seem to attract the photographers attention, but the choice of spots, a constant development and an individual style does.

In CPH_17_19 the activities of TOMCAT and KEGR in the street and on the train lines of Copenhagen are spotlighted. Although the city has a legendary history of graffiti since the 80s, the two writers managed to stand out today by constantly putting their personal stamp on the city’s walls for years. Tags, throw-ups, roll-ups, rooftops, bombings, etc. – you name it, they did it.

The 36 paged zine was published in summer 2020 as a second edition.

36 pages, A5 (14,8 x 21 cm), second edition
Language: No text
Release date: 2020
Publisher: Tucker Bag Press

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