Flight Mode No.3


The 2018 issue of Flight Mode just kept going where the concept magazine did start three years ago. The book is a collection of trainwriters who travel around the globe and bring back photographic souvenirs from their journeys. Once again every participant has his or her own chapter with well selected shots of trains from Novosibirsk to Washington and from Berlin to Johannesburg.

On 144 pages you can find old friends from the previous issues such as XEEVR, PUBES and NOEE as well as a long list of new features on for example APATHY, ZACK, PEREZ, TECHR, KABEL, SETOP and XRAY. Besides the plus on pages, the written contributions increased as well. You can find texts and poems by CHEROKEE, MASON, Edward Nightingale and more.

Flight Mode No.3 is a brand new update on the worldwide interrailer sub-culture of graffiti. Whilst the content evolved to more pages, train models and writers, the classic and clean layout stayed the same and frames the variety of styles and featured destinations. The hardcover book is limited to 500 copies.

144 pages, 20 x 24 cm, limited to 500 copies, Hardcover
Language: English
Release date: March 2018
Publisher: Team Flight Mode

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