Ruyzdael is an Amsterdam based label which teamed up with European stylewriting pioneer Boris DELTA Tellegen for their SIDE TRACKS publication from 2021. The 24-paged newspaper format zine has DELTA’s well known series of freight train paintings in focus. When first pieces from him popped up as harsh contrasting counterparts to long and boring coal freight rows far away from Amsterdam, It became clear that DELTA had entered the freight game.

SIDE TRACKS mixes the sketch like character of these pieces with never before seen photographic material from the artist’s archive like close-ups, night shots or impressive panorama photos from the scene of crime. The large scale format, the included original drafts and DELTA’s inventiveness makes this publication a must-have for fans of the without a doubt most interesting illegal work series of the recent years.

24 pages, 29 cm x 41,8 cm, newspaper zine
Language: English
Release date: 2021

Publisher: Ruyzdael

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