Mikrokosmos Berlin 002: Cadastro y Testigo – P. Vector Codierer


“Mikrokosmos Berlin” is a series of monographic publications whose first volume was released in 2020. The publisher chooses outstanding writers, cooperates and curates with them the content and puts it together into softcover booklets. In Cadastro y Testigo (cadastre and witness) Berlin based P. Vector Codierer’s recent journey to South America is in focus.

The publication features a well balanced mix of mostly silver pieces in abandoned spots with atmospheric photographs from the cityscape of São Paulo and Buenos Aires. Little texts are added to several shots, explaining the pieces’ local context, stories on their production or thoughts mainly on the unique architectual characteristics in both metropolises. An essay which is dealing with the city structure and why so many empty lots in a growing megacity exist, is added as concluding part at the end.

While the first Mikrokosmos issue sold out within a few days the second volume Cadastro y Testigo was published in a bigger edition of 150 copies in April 2023. There will be no reprint so we recommend to quickly order your copy. All copies are signed and numbered by EXOT.

100 pages, 14,8 cm x 21 cm, softcover
Limited edition of 150, numbered and signed
Language: German
Release date: April 2023
Publisher: Mikrokosmos Berlin

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