DIAMONDS – Geben Sie ihm keine Zigarette, er ist noch ein Kind


“We have learned nothing new!” declared the shocked painter Pablo Picasso upon visiting the cave paintings of Lascaux. He was wrong though, and he realised this shortly after, when his chauffeur drove him back to his villa and he sat in front of his rectangular canvases. But Picasso was a wise man, choosing not to tell anyone about this. Instead, Picasso warmed to the idea that his paintings could one day be viewed in the same way as those from the Lascaux caves.

The collective DIAMONDS has devoted ten years to painting. Their focus is still on the topic of playful experimentation. The liberated painting is a mere idea wondering through a material world.“

„Geben Sie ihm keine Zigarette, er ist noch ein Kind“ (Don’t give him a cigarette, he’s still a child) is the name of an exhibition catalogue to the latest exhibition by the same name from the Berlin based DIAMONDS crew from 2016.

In the catalogue you can find a strange mixture of photographic content. Some shots showing weird and not everyday life situations like a family portrait with a scary masked child, a completely masked audience in a theater or elderly people relaxing in sun chairs lined up in a cave may did influence the artists. Furthermore closeups of artworks are combined with texts, obviously written by several crew-members mainly on the subject of smoke and smoking. Without exactly knowing about the authorship in their statements, quotes, reflections and explanations the crew members associate for example cigarette smoke with aerosol fumes, a non-conformist attitude and something bad in general.

Just like the statements by them, every piece of art executed by the DIAMONDS is a group artwork, whether two or five members have been involved. Although designated writers are part of the collective, the individual artist recedes behind the crew and it’s authorship. So when the reader finally discovers that the closeups show details of the whole artworks which are revealed on the catalogues very last pages, it’s still unknown who collaborated on them.

44 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, limited to 100 copies
Language: German
Release date: 2018
Publisher: Bum Bum Books

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