In 2012 in Berlin suddenly a couple of wholecars mostly on the Ringbahn (circle line) appeared. Although a traditional trainwriting format of a full size length and height wagon has been chosen, the painted subject was far from traditional graffiti. Despite the use of ordinary writing tools like spraycans, paint and fire extinguishers the wholecars, which irregulary popped up in the commuter traffic, have not been signed by anyone and no letter-like shapes could be identified as motives.

Only the massive amount of white, black and silver drips and paint splashes which could be found trackside along a few S-Bahn stations did hint that some or all of these wholecars were produced while the trains have been in traffic. No one could really say what the intention behind these mysterious trains were, the authorship was still unknown and you could only wait for the next one to show up on the Ring.

Now for the first time ever with Eruption photographic footage has been published, documenting the production process of these wholecars. Result is a 44 paged high quality photo book featuring photographs which directly take you to the action. The flashlight shots show the hastly acting, masked artists attacking the train like a gigantic animal which has to be defeated.

While after a few seconds the trains leave the stations with metre long drips, completely messed up with several layers of thick fluid paint, the artists pull back into the darkness covered with fresh drips alike. Still curious about who and why, the reader now knows more about how and what happened.
Eruption includes a German text and is limited to 200 copies only.

44 pages, 23,5 x 31,5 cm, offset print / thread stitching, swiss brochure, one color screen print softcover, including a photocard
Edition of 200
Language: German
Release date: October 2018
Publisher: JB. Institute

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