Mikrokosmos Berlin 003: CREAM – Taubenschiss und Firlefanz


Mikrokosmos Berlin is a series of monographic publications whose first volume was released in 2020. The publisher chooses outstanding writers, cooperates and curates with them the content and puts it together into softcover booklets. After the release of Mirkokosmos 002 by EXOT the third volume by CREAM is out now.

CREAM is a Potsdam based writer who lives and paints in Berlin for decades. His often monochromatic pieces are true eye-catchers, always coming up with new ideas on shaping the whole piece and each individual letter. For his Mikrokosmos issue Taubenschiss und Firlefanz (pigeon shit and frippery) he focused on the constantly changing cityscape of Berlin. Old, outlived and worn down buildings coexist next to shiny glass and concrete monsters which shape a new and less characteristic face of the metropolis. As the houses that contain an unique flavour of the old Berlin disappear slowly step by step, so does the graffiti right in these places. Giant dredgers enthroning in huge construction sites become symbols for the unstoppable change of modernisation.

With his crew mates BETA and SQAUD CREAM seems to hunt down many of these vacant lots for years. Now he is able to illustrate in several before and after photo pairs the city’s mutation. May it be through new buildings or nature that takes back her sites. On 100 pages he put together an impressive series of photographs accompanied by an opening poem on this topic. Each copy comes numbered and signed by CREAM.

100 pages, 14,8 x 21 cm, softcover, limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered
Language: German
Release date: December 2023
Publisher: Mikrokosmos Berlin

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