Transmission and Mythology in Graffiti – Joëlle Le Saux


Joëlle Le Saux is an art historian and a teacher for fine arts at the Rennes 2 University and art history at the École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne – Brest site, as well as a curator and an art critic. Her view on history favors linking cultural and aesthetic resurgences through the ages rather than strict chronology of events.

“Transmission and Mythology in Graffiti” is her observation of the essential documents and narratives of graffiti history, enlightened by anthropology. To make a comprehensive story of what is now a world-wide culture she uses various tales, dating all the way back in the 1970s to the origin of the movement in the USA (TAKI183, CORNBREAD) until its resurgence in Eastern Europe in the 2000s (CAP Crew from Prague). Joëlle Le Saux focuses on how spoken and written stories out of books (Andrea Nelli, Norman Mailer), exhibitions or films like Wild Style, etc. morph into myths and new ways of define graffiti.

36 pages, 13 x 21 cm, zine with flaps, 2023 version
Language: English
Release date: November 2023 (2015)
Publisher: Éditions Peinture

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